Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Say NO to the Digital Economy Bill: Why do we oppose it

The purpose of this website is mainly to be an information brokering gate regarding the proposed Digital Economy Bill. Here you will find general information regarding the Bill, recent developments, and also the tools and leads in order to be democratically involved in activism, challenge and rally against it.

We believe that the proposed Bill is a threat to the pure grassroots democracy that the internet has established, and it will be a threat to human potential and creativity. Sure we can understand the concerns of the entertainment industry, but an enormous part of what is the internet today is largely because of the unregulated and unchecked information overflow.

We believe that there should be a public discussion between all stakeholders -government, enterprises and civil society- and a reconceptualization of the issues as to what is illegal online, since we are not trying to deal with an escalating digital deviance, but we are actually facing the prospect of the criminilization of a common and taken-for-granted social activity. Not to mention of course the snooping, the monitoring of the free flow of information and the impact on the freedom of speech.

photo credit: PA, from Telegraph 24 Nov 2009

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